Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Got You: Songs 351 to 360

Lay some ground rules before we fall in love... I think that sums up this list today💙

Song #354: You're not losing me by letting me go...

Song 351: Avril Lavigne - What The H#ll

It's Avril Lavigne, let her do what she feels like! Yeah, her new material isn't comparable to her old stuff, but it's pop and ultra fun. She's just trying something else, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Here comes this little ditty, and I must admit it's quite catchy. I do consider 'h#ll' a swear word, cause no one wants to go there - unless you have a thing for devils... She just wants to raise some havoc in the joint, and then she'll be fine. I was part of this mash up featuring this song, see if you spot me.

How appropriate, their second single revolves around the number two. I remember loving this song so much, my cousin and I would repeat their dance moves in the video - we loved this group.

But it has this TLC (tender, loving, caring) vibe that sounds promising and satisfaction. Know that through everything, we will still be together. I especially enjoy that xylophone part, you hear it in the beginning before someone says 'ah,' or something like that. They always knew what to say, and they always made my day.

Song 353: Cory Lee - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service

She's just laying down the laws, and if you don't like it, nothing's going to happen. Cory Lee has a strong persona, and it works for her. She shows independence and know what she wants.

When they played this on the radio, they had to censor the word 'coochy' - since when was that inappropriate? But the beat is awesome, it sounds kind of classy. Maybe it's the mix of her voice and what she's saying that compliments the rhythm, but this is just enjoyable. Can't help it if a woman is being honest.

Yay, original material from Lewis! I think this is her best song, it's got the power and the simplistic sounds don't take control of the song. When I hear this, I want to sing along - instead, I'm listening.

The message is embracing, knowing that loved ones are still there for you even when you can be not in your element. At first I was confused by the video, but now it makes more sense to me. And of course, violins are the cherry on top of this sweet and beautiful song. Can't wait to see what else she's got.

The beat just got to me, and I was struck by genius. Who are they? I'm not really sure, other than that they are from Sweden - you know it's going to be good music.

It's talking about a love that has gone, and wants them back. No, it's not cheesy but sad and a bit serious. The vibe from this song makes me feel lost in time and I don't to escape this spell. Very mesmerizing, I'm afraid to hear more from them - I'd probably put it on repeat all day long.

Are they a failed attempt of a boy group? Did you ever hear of them? This song had a lot of potential, but the radio stations didn't give them the attention. So sad...

Ashley Tisdale was dating one of the members, which I thought was fascinating. Moving onto the song: there's freaking violins in there, how couldn't this be a hit?! Though there are some suggestive lyrics in the song, it's typical boy group material. Does no one like the past of music? It's quite nostalgic, and at first I thought this was sung by someone else. Come back!

Miss Lohan's attempt at a singing career. Honestly, I did enjoy her first album, and she was able to make two albums in her career - that's farther than most people you hear these days.

This has to be my favourite song of hers, the tension is felt in here. She wants the relationship to end, but can't escape it herself. She needs her past love to say it's the end... but then there's a twist. I must say, she looks gorgeous in the video, and when all things are settled down, she will come back to red hair.

Song 358: Miley Cyrus - Permanent December

Hooray for Disney Channel stars! I read a review on this song from another blog, and I had to say it was different form their usual taste in music. Interested, I took a listen, and instantly it is reminiscent of two other songs. One has been played, the other yet to come...

But I like this despite the auto tune, cause she's just being Miley! She found a love she regrets of losing and gets them back before it's too late. The sound is brilliant, she's not exactly singing in this track, but it's fun to follow along. Not a single, but still fun!

Song 359: Charice - I Will Always Love You

The child prodigy from the Philippines! I'm amazed how far she's made it, and she certainly deserves it; have you heard her live?!

This cover does some justice to the original, though we all know who she pays her respect to. She does a wonderful job to the song, and the way she hits all of them notes, phew! I think I need to calm down. I wish I could sing like her, she has such a pure voice and she has so much talent in her. Can't wait for her next album to drop - bring on the new stuff!

From one of the most beloved classic films from Disney, what some girls dream to be. And honestly, who wouldn't? Cinderella has her moment for life, and thus comes along love at first sight.

Of all of the ladies at the ball, Prince Charming laid eyes on her, a young woman who hasn't been out much. They dance the night away, and from there, a lovely duet comes from them. Though they say not a word, they can tell that they have found the one. Ah, if love was only like this, then everything would truly be a fairytale. Oh well, leave it to Disney to leave us daydreaming...

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