Friday, February 3, 2012

Dreams: Songs 131 to 140

Majority of the songs are from the 2000s, but a few throwback's doesn't hurt the list for Day 13.

Song #132: But listen carefully to the sound, of your loneliness...

Song 131: Britney Spears - Selfish

More Britney, B*tch. I think this has been one of her strongest albums compared to the rest. I love that she tried different sounds, and her songs haven't lost the touch.

If I'm being honest, bonus tracks tend to be the highlight of the album. Don't know how producers pick which singles are the 'treats' as to the setlist. Either way, this one is kind of lounge-meets-sexy time song. It's like a slowed-down version of Akon's "Sexy Chick," but with less swearing. Boom boom baby...

Song 132: Deep Dish - Dreams

What was I doing at 6PM while in high school? Cause I remember listening to this on the radio, with the contest where they let the audience pick between two new songs as their favourite. This one was always winning that week, and I can see why.

I didn't know that Stevie Nicks was the original singer of this cover, and she even lend her vocals for the remix. It's amazing that artists will re-create their old hits to modern beats. There's something mysterious to this song, but it hits the spot every time. Warmth.

Song 133: Cory Lee - Naughty Song

This is the song that made her well known. Every year, I think there is one adult single that gives it to you straight forward. Also, it was featured in the series The L Word, which I haven't seen before...

Released when I was a teen, I thought it was so out there, and provocative, kept wondering what the random pause in the chorus was to be filled with... edited version makes it fun to guess C":

Song 134: Nikki Yanofsky - I Got Rhythm

From one Canadian artist to the next, we have Nikki Yanofsky again! For her second appearance on the playlist, she brings out a Jazz vibe with this song. All of the random words she blutters out is incredible, and never gets annoying at all!

I can't believe at her age, all of the success she has gotten, and she deserves it. She is truly a lucky girl, and being that she can conquer any genre, hope she takes a dip in pop music. I want pop with vocals!

Song 135: Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug

The only positive side to overdose: when it's all about love❤ It's one of my favourite Ke$ha songs, as it puts me in the silliest mood.

For some reason though, I am reminded of Pachelbel's Canon, but that's probably because I would like for these two songs to somehow collide. Mixing classic with uptempo would be the perfect combination.

All I want to do when I hear this song is confess my love to that someone special... and hug them.

Song 136: Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You

Miley Cyrus in her dramatic debut. I liked this film, it's freakin' Nicholas Sparks material! Of course it's going to be real sad - and no one can ruin Nicholas Sparks.

This is one of the most beautiful songs Miley ever made, it's vocally challenging and pushes her out of her comfort zone. I think she did a great effort with this number. Pure cheese, but it's a fantasy I want to be fulfilled: you appear just like a dream to me.

Song 137: Little Boots - New In Town

What are some fun activities that you can do for free in town? I don't know, but Little Boots does. This song appealed to me cause of the video: she's in a dump, and the hobos start dancing with their shopping carts. Woo hoo!

But the beat is addicting: I wish I could dance like the hobos cause of this song! And ABDC did this as a challenge. Sigh.

For now, I can be half a hobo: lazy and enjoying it.

Song 138: Lady Gaga - Marry The Night

Lady Gaga's latest release, and I'm kind of sad that it didn't get much attention. It's dramatic and powerful, like it has an attitude of "I'm doing things my way from now on." That caught my attention.

Though I never saw the full lengthen video, it's suppose to be about her life. She worked so hard to where she is now, and she deserves it. There's so much emotion in this dance track, as I want to get rid of all my problems by singing and dancing. If only I were talented as Gaga...

Song 139: 5ive - Slam Dunk (Da Funk)

Just when I thought it was going to be an all-female ensemble! The British Boy Band with the attitude. When I was listening to this, I didn't notice that one of the members does only rapping, while the rest sing. That's weird, was I never paying attention?

They had such good songs, like Rock meets R&B in a sense - they were not a typical boy band. They knew their strength - and they played it well.

Song 140: James & The Giant Peach - Family

I remember seeing this movie, but all I remember was when James climbed into the peach and became a cartoon character, and a bunch of birds pulling it over the ocean...

I don't remember the songs, but they are so sweet. What they say about love is so true, and nothing is stronger than family itself. A family can be anything, even if your guardians are a bunch of insects with different accents.

Who knew an oversized fruit, insects, and a little boy would be so cute together C":

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