Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tick Tock: Songs 251 to 260

Time to be outspoken, and say it out loud and proud! No need to be shy in this playlist!

Song #260: Tick tock, tick tock, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...

Song 251: Michael Jackson - This Is It (Orchestra Version)

This was the first song released after the passing of Michael Jackson. Though the material isn't comparable to his previous efforts, I will say that it's amazing how his voice hasn't changed much after so long.

I want to call it like a 'champion' theme song, cause finally he made it to the point, and now can stand in glory for the moment. Though it is a love song, can't help but think about being centre staged, with one light shining on this star. My time to shine.

For some reason, I want to call this song 'annoying,' but the truth is that it's far from that. I didn't care about the lyrics at first, it just sounded so cool.

When I finally took a listen to it, I realized it's the basic formula of a cheesy love song. What makes this different is the beat, and I don't fall asleep. The version I have doesn't include the rappers, and that's kind of a shame; my favourite line is "you're body ain't Pamela Anderson." They accept you simply as you. Long as it's to a sweet rhythm, I'll be smitten all the time.

Song 253: TLC - Unpretty

I have to say, this is my favourite song of TLC. The video is quite sad, but they are issues that some people face. There are times when we feel a bit down or act out of character and usually, it's not worth the hassle.

The guitar and the simplicity of the song is nice, they're not trying too hard, and it comes out so naturally.

But if you feel good, just listen to it - it's so nice, especially the Glee one!

Girl power! Well, at least for teenagers who are getting out of their relationship. I hate to be the boy who treated her so bad, cause she is just too talented, and her voice does go well with the R&B scene.

But when this song came out, I thought I heard this before when I was young. It's so familiar, I can't put my finger on it though... Either way, I still be singing along to it - when my heart breaks (hopefully never), I'll be singing this... very angry at them. Take that, you loser!

What a beautiful song, and how appropriate that it came from Miss Congeniality. It's quite dramatic, and very corny... but his voice is like a Casanova. He sweeps you off of your feet, and takes you away to a paradise...

He has a nice singing quality, I don't see how he wouldn't get far. Apparently, the version I have is a remix, but I consider it original. The slow ballad comes too exaggerated - the dance track makes it somewhat more sexy... There's nothing wrong with that.

She is one interesting artist, Tata Young, I just don't understand why her material isn't released in North America. Yes, the lyrics are suggestive, but there is a need of a tasteful artist that gets raunchy - she would be it, instead of many others...

It's certainly attitude-filled, and sounds a bit circus, but this girl is surely a thrill. She's bad and doesn't follow rules, and admits that she will be staying this way. And sometimes, we fall in love with them... Maybe that's why this Disney fan video makes so much sense!

Did anyone know about the new release of Evanescene music? I didn't either, until I saw a list of radio releases on a blog. The sound is classic, the mesh of classical with rock is always pleasant from them.

Amy does have this angelic voice, and sometimes I wonder if she can hit the high notes. Is it wrong to call their music dark? It's beautiful, though it could use less drums... Don't understand this song, but I can't resist "sweet sleep my dark angel..." gets to me.

From all of the dance tracks and sad-themed songs comes the fun part!

Hooray for Hilary Duff, cause Lizzie McGuire was one awesome show - and the movie wasn't bad either. If it weren't for that, then there wouldn't be this song, which initially launched her singing career.

It's about taking chances, living the life, and never afraid of expressing yourself. It's cute, it's pre-teen rock, it's everything you want out of Disney.

Well if it isn't the most glamourous contestant of American Idol. He is quite out there, and though he does look good with make-up, I wonder what he looks like without...

But focusing on the song: I enjoy that he challenges his voice and reaches the high notes. He tries really hard, and succeeds quite well. I tried singing this in my lessons, however I couldn't reach high as he could. Still love the song to this day, it's what some people search in this world. Nothing's right until he has you.

She is one of the most popular artists in Thailand - and if you listen to this song, you will see why. Palmy is so cute and has such a wonderful voice. She can sing the pop tracks and the love ballads; she can do no wrong.

It does kind of remind me of another song, but that will be discussed when it appears on this list. Plus, the music video is funny. It also proves that she can rock any style. It's silly and quirky - kind of like love. I do talk a lot about love, eh?

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