Sunday, February 26, 2012

Forget You: Songs 361 to 370

Going through hard times? May I recommend some songs from today's list? Made me feel happy today.

Song #361: But the way you play your game ain't fair...

Song 361: Cee Lo Green - Forget You

My favourite song of 2011! Though it was released in 2010? Someone needs to explain how year end countdowns work...

It's such a fun song to tell an ex that I don't need you, and darling, I'm better off without you. Full of energy and strong feelings, absolutely amazing. And using 'Forget' instead of the swear word makes it much more interesting in conversations. I used this for an audition, and got through... I couldn't perform it again though >.<" Oh well, here's my cover, enjoy!

Song 362: OneRepublic ft B.o.B - Good Life (Remix)

Another hit from 2011. I knew this came from a movie, it sounded so familiar! I wanted a radio edit of this song, but couldn't find one on its own - B.o.B saves the day!

I don't dislike the remix, but I like the bridge, and it got cut out for rapping time. It's a love/hate relationship this song, I like what it stands for, but the whistling not so much. Aside from that, the drum beat is neat and the way it sounds heavenly from the background singing makes me feel good at times. Just be happy.

Found this on a blog where they were featuring Mandy Moore for the month - was so excited for that! This song only appeared on her website, which is a bit disappointing, cause it's a good song.

There's a story to it, but not really sure where it stands. She's left the past and moving on? The sound is not exactly folky, but rather joyous and a new experience. I like it, not the usual from Moore. I think this compliments her quite well. Hope to hear more of this on the next album!

The video itself should get an award for choreography - it's sick! If arguments were that abstract, I'd be fighting all day.

From his earlier work, he feels lost and isn't sure where he stands. He wants to go back to what he knows, the good old days. The rhythm is simple and never gets in the way, and violins make it perfect. I like to think it's an easy song to sing, but that's probably my imagination. Here's to a great artist with work that I don't fully understand. He always keeps me thinking.

Song 365: David Archuleta - Crush

Young love, there isn't anything sweeter than this. David Archuleta knows the way to someone's heart, and everyone falls for it.

This is me at the moment. Yes, I've said this many times, but I've got a crush... The pianos have this serious tone, which is a bit dark, but the words lift up the song where it belongs and oozes teenage crisis. But it's true: I do wonder if I'm going crazy, if they think of me that way, if I'm just wasting my time. Cause nothing is going away. I'll be singing this everyday...

Their voices go quite nicely with each other, don't you think?

Timbaland knows who to work with, and every song he makes is a hit! At least in my opinion. My cousins were obsessed with this song, they had to teach me the chorus cause I had no idea what was going on. It's one of the slower songs he's made, but it's an excellent track. The background is pleasant, and it's hopeful that someday their lives will collide and be perfect together. Ah, I dream of that day...C":

Sister duo for an awesome film! Yeah, it's a cover, but it's nothing similar to the original.

So what if people start bad-mouthing about you? I can't believe that they would take the time to dedicate words just for you. But that's what's part of this world when you become the hype: to see how strong you are. Don't let anyone get to you, cause they're not worth the argument. Know what's right, stand up for it, and be yourself. Isn't that why we love Hilary Duff? And Haylie adds the spunk in this song!

Now this was a band! They played instruments, I don't think you don't ever see them without one in any of their videos.

My cousins absolutely LOVED them, and who didn't? They were so adorable, and they made the most brilliant pop music. This is such a sad story, but it makes me so happy. It's all about the memories. I had a toy with this song, but it was a rip-off. But M2M can take my money if it means they come back.

No one knows sexy like Gwen Stefani. She doesn't even try, and she makes me weak in the knees. If you see this video, you will understand why.

It has this relief-memerizing kind of sound leaving me in awe. I enjoy it's a slow song, it's rare to hear this side from her. She found her love, and it makes her sad to realize how much she needs them before it all goes away. I love the intro, it gets to me right away like no other song, and the ending has a nice light feeling. Nicely done, please write more like this.

I do know that he has made a girl sad, and he stand it, but I really don't know what he's talking about... so why am I so happy? Is it because it has this anthem-vibe to it? I need to evaluate some of these songs sometimes...

Rob Thomas is one of those artists that makes good music that all can listen to. I really like the xylophone parts in the song, and his voice has a strong but non-demanding power to it. He feels... defenceless? Maybe that's why I feel good, cause he admits that he has done wrong. There's nothing more manly than saying you've done bad. Bravo.

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