Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Walking On Sunshine: Songs 241 to 250

Some of the most appropriate love songs came for Valentine's Day: dramatic, happy, and sexy.

Song #246: I use to think maybe you love me, now I know that it's true...

Vanessa Carlton has wonderful pieces, and this one has such a mystery to it. It's not exactly clear the message, but I think it's a bit naughty? Can't explain it, kind of a tamed version of a sexual experience...

The odd thing I find about is that it's tasteful, yet odd. I mean, she's talking about life changing experiences and compares them to this one moment that she wants her love to share.

Enjoyable is the melody, lovely the voice.

They're the band that will release so many songs, but only a few appear on the radio. That means they are great music.

My cousins did a duet of this once, and it's quite lovely. I want to say that it's nice to listen to, but kind of uncomfortable? Guess it's because I'm stuck in the situation, and all I want to do is kiss the one I love. Sigh, if only things were easy like a song... Serious stuff here.

I first saw this song on That 70's Show - that was hilarious! The scene was Donna and Eric running to each other on the beach in slow motion...of course, Kelso is there to ruin a loving moment d":

This is a song that my brother liked, and I stole it from his music selection. Music of the past is a jolly good time to listen, and I just want to sing along all the time.

Foster The People did a cover... kind of awkward, but hey, it's still a great song.

Leave it to Disney to think of every sappy love story - but that's our childhood! I do enjoy when Snow White goes all high with the ad-lib part, it's so classic. And all of a sudden, prince charming comes along and serenades to her. This story is most unlikely to happen in real life, but it's nice to fantasize about the ideal.

Here is to never giving up on love. It may not be easy as this, but it'll definitely sound something along the lines of this. And that I simply can't wait when it comes... If all fails, I'ma find an echoing well.

Woah, another Disney song! People tend to remember the saddest scene of the film, but there are some really nice love songs.

There is a nostalgic feel to this piece, and you don't hear much of this style anymore. There is a romance to the song - yes, it's obvious that it's about love, but it shows how love shares the qualities of a song.

Like a good song, it continues and never gets boring. There is more meaning (song & film) than you think.

Clap your hands, jump for joy, and scream! That's what I do when I hear this song. It's the ultimate track to listen to when you feel you're unstoppable, when the one you admire loves you back. You can feel the energy in here, and it's amazing!

The best part of this you could say is that it never gets old, and the song is pretty simple. Who knew the basics could make you feel oh so good. Once you're in your little world, all you have is a bright pathway leading you to happiness. That feels good!

Ah, the era of the sidewalk. I do admit that I enjoyed that look very much. People said it was stupid... I had that look (for 2 hours).

Is this an insulting song? Cause he says that this red-headed girl had done him wrong, but I can't tell if that's a good thing or not. The beat is happy and bubble-gum pop fused with R&B, which sounds pretty cool.

Kind of confusing, but I find myself laughing at this song. My friend use to hate this song. Fun times d":

If you have never heard of Robin Skouteris, you got to check him out! He makes some of the most mind-blowing mash-ups, they always turn out so good. Even song you didn't think that would match up somehow do. Truly a genius.

When I heard this little number, this was a match made in heaven! Nothing wrong with the original number, but I want this played at my birthday party (if I can rent a club that is). Who knew that Madonna, Boney M, and Barbra Streisand would make a perfect combination.

Thank you Duck Sauce for making me get to it!

Controversy is what perfectly describes this song. Though she hasn't swore in a song (except for an intro), this spells one bad word. I didn't even know what she was talking about until my cousin told me one day.

I thought that everyone wants to find Amy, cause she must be the hottest thing in the club, right? Whenever I meet an Amy, I ask if all the boys and girls seek for her. I get a lot of reactions from them. It's awesome.

Swear words! There are a few songs I let swearing slide. Take this for example, it's a stupid dance track, and it did get annoying from time to time. It's those rare songs where you say things twice, and all of a sudden it becomes a full length song.

I enjoy reading blogs, as you know, and I stumbled upon this remix. The hawaiian disco version of the single, and I love every second of it! Now I want to dance, and do things I shouldn't be imagining at the same time! Amazing what some DJs can do :"D

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