Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dreaming Of You: Songs 311 to 320

It's like I'm trapped in a fantasy, and I don't want to escape it anytime with this list.

Song #315: I just wanna hold you close, but so far all I have are dreams of you...

This makes me feel like I want to believe... or something along the lines of that. I like B.o.B, but he just can't get a break. His songs don't get played anymore - has he lost the touch?

Cause this song describes the opposite: he's got the power! With the help of a Weezer member, what's not to love? The video? Yeah, it could have been more. But that's not the point! He knows how to make a good song, it's just light-hearted and fun. Besides, who doesn't want to have the forces that no one holds?

I think this has to be my favourite OneRepublic song, cause of the orchestra, the imagery, and all of the chances they take.

My cousin learned the cello part, my other cousin was going to play the piano, and I practiced singing this... that performance is still to come. It's melodic, and it's relaxing to hear. I simply love the violin solo in this, that has to be the best part of the song. To be closer to someone, it all has to come out. That is brave and inspiring, finding confidence in someone.

Why must my childhood be ruined? I never knew what this song meant, I liked it when the girl says "no means no," it was blunt and straightforward. Hearing it these days, I realize what he's talking about. Wow, they play this on HitList?

But I do like Carl Henry's part, it was the only part I could sing along. But the beat is awesome, it has a retro feel and makes me want to roller-skate (refer to the video). Maybe he couldn't get some back then, but 10 years later looking this... well, you can be the judge.

Alas, the song that won't die on the radio is played on this list. She didn't perform this at her concert, it was the only song off that album that wasn't played. Well rest assured, it's having its moment.

I do like this song, it's sad and a bit dreary, but her vocals are so lovely in this. She may not sound best live all the time, but she can sing! Maybe she'll release an acoustic album, that would be cool. As successful this song is, I hope no one finds someone and loses them... or they'll just be like her in the video.

I'm not actually sure who Selena was, but she had the most relaxing voice. There is a movie about her life, but never had any interest of seeing it. Ever since I was young, I remember listening this, especially when I had nightmares. It has this lullaby vibe, and it's just so lovely.

Isn't that such a wonderful thought? To know that someone is thinking about you while you're asleep? Not only is that romantic, but soft as well. May she be remembered for her wonder and love.

Possibly one of the sexiest/dirtiest videos out there. I like this song, and I'm pretty sure that this would be one fantastic workout. Of course, all of the greatest DJs sample old songs and make them... opposite of what it originally was.

There is a song that I think would collide well with, but haven't got to that project yet. Hopefully I can do it soon, I think it would be awesome. But for now, I'll be up in the gym just working on my fitness... Not on list.

There's a purple piano in the video, and only she can pull that off. I wasn't much a fan of the original, so when I heard the remix of this, I was like 'yeah, this is my jam!' Then another radio station kept playing it. I'm so glad I put the original version on this list.

There's actually not a lot of piano in this song, but more of the random violins (which I grew to love) and the slick drum beat. It's much more dramatic this way, and it's what Alicia Keys does best: bringing the suspense in her songs. Better be kind to her.

Good old fashioned collaborations, this one has to take them all. Do you really care what they're talking about. A DJ and Hip Hop group made such a brilliant song, and who doesn't want to dance battle to this?

If Just Dance releases this in their game, you know I buy it! Cause I don't have dance moves. I can dance, but let's not get into that... And the best part? The random break in the song! The girl says something, and I don't want to know exactly what it is - that would ruin it for me. Time to bust a move!

This is one timeless sound... or is it the beat they sample? The original has been used so many times, but I only have two songs (one isn't the original!) But like all good sampling songs, it can be used and turned into a good song.

I heard this once on the radio, and I must say that I enjoy this so much! The only lyrics that I remember is something about a candle lit dinner, but I'm pretty sure it's a sad song. How does a sweet melody turn so bitter? Don't know, but just keep sampling the song.

I saw this in 3D, and let me tell you, this is a spectacular to see, especially this scene! I had this on one of my mix CDs, and my cousin told me this wasn't real music... Disney is so real music!

From my favourite movie that was released when I was born, and it's so entertaining! If I were in this scene, I kind of want to be either the spoons that jump in the champagne or the beer that do flips in the air. Mrs. Potts part is my favourite, cause the kitchen looks much fun! Now for a culinary cabaret...

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