Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You're A Superstar: Songs 381 to 390

Kind of a laid-back setlist for today, filled with lots of energy. Enjoy!

Song #389: Don't let them tell you to get a life cause they know you're a superstar...

Song 381: Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart

I do enjoy this song, was so excited when the video premiered, it's funny! This is from the era they were being silly and trying a different sound, and I have to admit this is my favourite album of theirs.

The first track off of Monkey Business, and it couldn't have been better.  I enjoy that there is a lot of role playing in the song, and all of the crazy things they do just because they're in love. Plus, the beat fits the video, with a game-show kind of theme that's quite comedic. Oh, the things I'd do for love...

Song 382: Paul Frees - Although I Dropped $100,000 (I Found A Million Dollars In Yor Smile)

Wow, Disney had a lot of television specials before. And the animation in these programs aren't what you usually see these days. I actually like it, makes me wonder why they don't do it anymore.

The song I listened to starts at 8:01, and it has a broadway-oldie type of vibe. It's adorable, and the way he sings is amusing. Finding the one is priceless.

Song 383: Shawn Desman - Electric

Even when he's being all sexy and stuff, he does it with class. Mr. Desman has all the right moves and sings the right notes.

I really like the chorus, it flows nicely how he describes this girl's features. You see someone that catches your eyes, and all of a sudden you don't know that you've been lost in their body language. That is important when attracting others you know ^^. The sound is pumping, I just want lock and pop... I I knew how to do that. You know what song I'd be hearing when I master the skills.

Song 384: Utada Hikaru - Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro

If there is any reason why Utada is a star, look no further. This song has all the reasons why she is so good.

The title is "When Someone's Wish Comes True," and I'm pretty sure it would sound like this. It's just a piano and her voice, and it's just perfection. This is what happy tears would be all about, so romantic and everything has gone right.

If she only released songs like these in English...

Song 385: Enrique Iglesias ft Sarah Connor - Takin' Back My Love

I heard the original version of this, and I wasn't much a fan of it. So when I heard the European release of this, I got all excited! Personally, it sounds better and their voices go together.

It's angry and sad, but I want to dance to the music. The intro lures me in to listen more, and the fact that both sing so calm yet demanding makes it interesting. Though they're clear of the message, I still feel like they don't admit what they both know to each other. A bit uncomfortable, but attractive is the song.

Song 386: Phinedriods & Ferbots - Phinedroids & Ferbots

No episode is perfect without a song. So when Phineas and Ferb decided to make robot versions of themselves, they created a funky concoction.

Who wouldn't put a 'Dance' button on their robots? That is just genius! And anyone can do the dance... some people are just better at it. I'm not one of those people. For a minute, let's move like them!

Song 387: Kanye West ft Pusha T - Runaway

Apparently, this is the response to the incident that happened in 2009. Got to admit, it's pretty good and he admits that he's a lot of things.

I like the simplicity of the piano, and that it's all drumbeat afterwards. And he sings in the song, which is decent and gives and honest feeling. There are dark people in the world, and sometimes you just got to leave them alone. Add ballerinas, and it's amazing.

Song 388: Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This

The winning moment song! It's not about love, is it? She's being kissed by America as they chose her to be THE idol. I don't know, just making it up.

But this song has the cheesiness and warm that you have to adore, with the romantic guitars and the glory and praise beaming out of this. Who doesn't love it? No, I won't ruin a song, but I'll tell you this brings the oddest and beloved memories from my teenage days. But I'll leave you with a wedding video that is rather sweet. This is a song to quote from.

Song 389: Love Inc. - You're A Superstar

They're Canadian! Of course they are, that's why it's so good d":

But Love Inc. was an interesting band, they had two songs that always played on the radio, and you heard nothing from them afterwards... But this is such an inspirational song, saying all things good and what makes you bright. This never gets old, the sound was made so that you'll want to listen to it wherever you are. Who doesn't like that? Let love in, the rest follows.

Song 390: T-Pain ft Wiz Kalifa & Lily Allen - 5 O'Clock

I heard this first from my uncle actually, and I must say he has some good taste in music. Only T-Pain can get away with auto tune, the first time I heard him I didn't even know he used the audio device.

And what I didn't know: this song was sampled from Lily Allen, who sings the chorus! It gives a different feel from the original, and it's rather nice. I don't know what else to say of this song, other than it's hip? I don't know what they say, and it doesn't matter cause it's like a lullaby: sweet sounds that brings me wonderful dreams. Is that weird when they're talking about a relationship? I don't think so.

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