Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anybody Listening: Songs 741 to 750

Don't hold anything in, just let it all out! Some examples to support my thesis :"D

Song #748: I don't know if you're really hearin' me, but these lyrics seem to be my therapy...

 Song 741: Jet - Cold Hard B*tch

I thought the video was very eye-catchy, and I can't help if it's one good song, even if they swear.

They know how to make some good catchy songs, they have the formula down. Do you wonder why some people fall for those who will break your heart? Maybe the pain is worth it, who knows. But no matter how it falls to pieces, you just want more. Damn, you've got it bad. Perhaps this is the attitude of the rock star? Hey, even they've got feelings - that's odd yet cool at the same time? Sure.

Song 742: Mary Costa - I Wonder

If I am honest, I think this is one quiet film. Thank goodness the songs are utterly catchy!

This is a nice sequence, where is leads to another song that will appear on this list. She sings to her animal friends and tells them about this fantasy that she had. Living in a forest all her life, she imagines about something else - but she's not exactly sure what is she missing. At 16, I can't believe her voice is like this... totally jealous of Princess Aurora. Maybe this sound will come back soon? It's enjoyable!

Song 743: Glee - Silly Love Songs

No one can hate love song... because after all, the world is filled with romantic tunes.

It's a different take to the original, with the acapella group creating the whole shebang out of their mouths. Sure, I might not be in love, but I do get excited when I hear love songs - they're just more fun! Whatever it is, let it take time and something will come your way. And who those who don't like these sounds: they'll come around sooner or later. Simple one of the best covers from the Warblers.

Song 744: Ensemble - The Mob Song

This movie had everything in it: far-places, daring fights, a prince in disguise... that should sound familiar?

Here is Gaston's number, where he creates this horrid image of the beast and makes plans to get rid of the monster. It's dramatic, filled with chills and thrills. On one side, these men want protection for themselves, while those in the castle are endangered, needing to save their castle. Although I am scared with dark themes in movies, this one I found rather enjoyable; it's the climax to the film!

Song 745: Hedley - For The Nights I Can't Remember

Once a year, my newspaper will give out 12 days of free stuff on iTunes; lucky me!

Like a holiday, I do enjoy Hedley's material from time to time. But recently, they've been going through their ballad phase. This one is not bad, it's reminiscent to the 1930s or something like that. It's sweet and pure, something that you don't hear often these days. He's trying so much to change, because he doesn't want to let the one go... they must be worth fighting for if he's going through all of this pain.

Song 746: Britney Spears - Toxic

Weird, I heard this on the radio today. This is the song that won Miss Spears a Grammy - finally!

There was a point where I was obsessed with this song, and I didn't understand how the HitList were allowed to play this... it's not that kid-friendly you know. It's like an electro-showdown, and it's amazing. Plus, the video proves how flexible she is; damn. I want to be able to do that scene where she sings 'ahhh' continuously. Now older, I don't think I enjoy it as much anymore. But if it's Britney, Imma dance to it!

Song 747: Alexz Johnson - Time To Be Your 21

It's a nice song listening to, it's all about growing up and becoming the adult that we have to be. I do wonder who the song would apply to, because I think it's too young for teenagers even though the show was aimed for that demographic.

Either way, the lyrics are nice and so is the sound - it's like listening to innocence. Kind of mellow, but honest. Consider it like wise words from a good friend. When it comes to growing up, know that you can still be yourself; it's just with a mature attitude.

Song 748: Classified - Anybody Listening

I wish his songs sounded more like this, it's amazing! Very vibrant, and there are reasons to be moving!

It's rather comical, because he's wondering if anyone cares about his words. It can be applied to everyone, where you think the world is just ignoring you. But it's uptempo, and he makes it so enjoyable. Like you've gone mad, and you just keep on smiling. He's very laid back and calm for a rapper, I hope he gets his big break soon. Keep making hits like these, and I'm pretty sure the world will follow.

Song 749: One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

Not embarrassed to say that I absolutely LOVE this song at the moment! Every time I see my friends, I want them to sing this with me d":

They always played this on MuchMusic, and my nanny enjoyed the song. From the moment I saw it, I knew it was so part of my all-time favourite songs! I never get tired of it, and I'm pretty sure someone were to sing this to their lover, they'd be melting. The return of the boy groups have finally made its way back to music! Welcome back, oh how I've missed you.

Song 750: Björk - It's Oh So Quiet

The first time I heard this song, it was in this movie. Disney knows how to pick great songs!

It's like a broadway song, and it deserves to be performed on the stage! But it's all about how everything seems peaceful and calm until... BOOM! Love comes in the way, and everything changes you life. And the video depicts it oh so wonderful, how bright this love can be. When I start to fall all over, I hope that it turns out like this. Exaggerated fun at its best, oh so colourful :"D

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