Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sour Candy: Songs 981 to 990

Like a big karaoke-styled party going on here - good music to sing your heart out!

Song #984: I've been very cautious, trying numbness instead of pain...

Song 981: Adele - Set Fire To The Rain

The last Adele song that appears on the list - I thought I had her old stuff here, but apparently not. Sigh...

Lately she has a lot of songs that are playing on the radio, but I prefer this one over the latest release. Essentially, I don't like it at first listen. She is talented, don't get me wrong, but it's so sad. She was betrayed by her lover, and now she wants vengeance against them. That's what happens when you're talented with a broken heart. Once in a while, it's enjoyable, especially the background music; love that so much.

Song 982: Owl City - Alligator Sky

Remember this song? It appeared on this list, and now it appears here with a whole lot more of Adam.

To me, there is more uplifting and positive vibes shaking from the solo version. There's more imagination, it makes me feel like anything is possible and the world is my oyster of epic proportions. But whatever you do, don't forget to stay on the ground - we wouldn't want to lose such a free soul like you^^

Time to ignite the rocket and get things going. Blast off!

Song 983: Vitamin C - Vacation

Sometimes, I'm amazed by the songs my cousin remembers from the past. I don't even recall this one coming from a certain movie. But hey, childhood!

I like Vitamin C, it was disappointing to see such a short career from here. This is just a song that makes you want to go out and do something! And honestly, who would be complaining to escape and soak under the nice hot sun? Or whatever your niche may be? The sound is cool, it's kind of nostalgic, and it screams party-time fun! Got the song, need to work on body d":

Song 984: Carly Rae Jepsen ft Josh Ramsay - Sour Candy

Not really sure how the title relates to the song, but for some reason I just get it. You get what I'm saying?

Miss Jepsen teams up with Josh Ramsay to talk about their broken relationship. They know it's ending, but they're rather sad about it - like there could have been more than just a falling point. What's coming next, they're not prepared for it. No matter how hard they try, nothing seems to work. A lot of beauty from this song, I can see why my cousin wanted to do a duet with my other cousin. Hope they still do it!

Song 985: Rihanna ft Britney Spears - S&M (Remix)

Wow, I didn't even know this was on my phone! But twice the charm, especially with a heated topic like so.

The original version appeared a long time ago, and now it comes back with a little friend of hers - Britney Spears. It's rare to see Britney in someone's song, so this is special! Though her vocals are iffy, it's like doubling the sensation this time around. There's naughty and nice, a wild and tamed side, but one thing remains the same: raunchiness. This is my jam at the moment... here's them live. Bring on the whips!

Song 986: MariƩ Digby - Say It Again

A Youtube sensation with her first original track... couldn't have been any better.

This is what love should feel like! Undying, always exciting, such a thrill. And when someone speaks those three little words: oh, how one can turn into jelly. They've finally done it this time, they got the courage to do what she couldn't, and now she's got the biggest smile on her face. Can't blame her, the feeling is mutual :"3 Nothing more awesome than that. I hope she gets her break, she deserves it.

Song 987: Maroon 5 - Little Of Your Time

Lights, Camera, Action! This song is a production on its own - maybe that's why I love track so much.

It's all in the beat that's gotten to me. Once you press play, BANG! And it doesn't stop there. The story line is about his lover going to leave them, but all he needs is their attention to express how he feels. He's got to take the chance before everything is thrown out the window. Stay for a while and listen to him - it might be worth your while. Going off the wall, he must be serious with his words. A lot going on in two minutes.

Song 988: Usher - U Remind Me

The perfect Usher song, my all-time favourite!

I thought I didn't like him at all when I was young... silly child. Everything about this was amazing, even though I didn't know what he was talking about. He sees this girl who resembles a lot like his past love, and that brings a whole lot of back stories. I wonder if people find a lover similar to their ex these days, that's weird if you ask me. Add in a dance number: wow, nothing beats silhouette mode. Not showing off with his voice, he knows how to make the girls swoon. Taking notes.

Song 989: Starship - We Built This City

Why do I have this song? Because it's considered the worst song of the 80s?! Nah, blame The Muppets!

I don't know how people find this annoying at all, because it's freaking awesome! Semi-inspirational, and totally rocking, what could go wrong? Doesn't this scream memories for those who listened to it? I can see all the neon-coloured outfits and other what-nots that era brought to fashion. And I'm pretty sure that listening to it for a whole day wouldn't be so bad - time to be acquainted with the past :"p Rock & Roll!

You may think you know someone until they doe something that seems... rather unbearable.

There is more intensity with her album Dignity - she was growing up alright. I love the sound, it has an exotic flare to it for a message with dark tones. They may seem to be the perfect couple, but they are far from it. She doesn't feel the same towards this person, yet no one seconds her emotions. If they could see it from her perspective, they might just get it. Oh Hilary, you deserve much better than them anyways.

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