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Big In Japan: Songs 991 to 1000

Open you mind to imagination, let it take you anywhere you want - it's going to be good.

Song #1000: I woke up a superstar on another side of the world...

Song 991: David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On

Isn't it amazing how far he's come? Now he works with possibly everyone in music. And it's always good!

This time, it's with little Nicki, singing about the need to be energized to life... at least that's what happens in the video. I can't find anyway to make this clean, because the message is direct and out there. But I do enjoy this song, from the hypnotic beat to the long pause that takes me to the chorus, yo can't deny that it is rather catchy. Great production, hope more superstar collaborations are coming soon!

Song 992: Ernie Sabella, Joseph Williams, Nathan Lane & Sally Dworsky - Can You Feel The Love Tonight

What else is there to say about this movie?

Let's see: Elton John created the most wonderful music for it, and this one combines romance and comedy very nicely together. While Simba and Nala reacquaint with one another, Timon and Pumba are there to see their friendship shattering... but it's all for the best. And with such a pure emotion being shared between the two cats, could anything go wrong? Of course not, it's affection. It's just so cute :"3

Song 993: Frank Ocean - Thinking About You

I did see this on a blog, and what caught my attention was the title... I thought I was in love back then (not with the song, but with a special someone)

But it's a song that everyone can relate to: you wonder if that someone feels the same as you, and it drives you bonkers. He doesn't want to admit that it's love, but what he says is another story. Why must love be so hard? That should be a good thing, otherwise I wouldn't hear fantastic music like this! Here's to broken hearts, for being brave and sharing their story.

Song 994: Jason Weaver, Laura Williams & Rowan Atkinson - I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Another song from the hit movie! I love this one!

Who wouldn't be excited to grow up, especially knowing what will happen? That's how Simba feels, doing just about anything when he gets to rule Pride Rock. When I hear it, I get so excited and want to sing along... if I only knew the lyrics that is. But however you view it, on film, on broadway, you will be taken away with this track. Anticipation at its finest.

Song 995: LFO - Summer Girls

Who remembers this song? Didn't realize how many pop cutler references were in the chorus alone - my cousin was obsessed with them.

You know it's from the 2000s when it's done by a boy group. But nothing wrong with that, everyone was into this song. It's a laid-back song where you enjoy and lazy away those sunshiny days, and who doesn't enjoy that? With soft voices and a chilled sound, I don't see how there could be a problem just enjoying the days... Especially when them ladies come around.

Song 996: Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

Do I want to know what they're singing about? Let's say it's about a relationship - generic enough.

My friend showed me this song, he was into this mega-boy group at that moment... He might still be! There are 11 members, and they all can dance. Seriously? Why must Koreans be good at what they do? But the song is catchy, it reminds me of this one for some reason - kind of similar, right? Only they make auto tune cool and get away with it. Jealous of them, they also attract the North American girls.

Song 997: Owl City - Fireflies

The song that gained him popularity and made me fall in love with his music. Everything about it takes me away on this wonderful journey that I don't want to end. This came out at the right time, when music seemed so ordinary... Consider this extraordinary d":

The electronic sounds are like a lullaby, the drums are a nice wake-me up, and his voice is very calming. It's the right formula for happiness, kind of bizarre but just what I needed. Thanks Adam, you know how to make something plain and take it on a whole new level.

Song 998: Stabilo - Flawed Design (Remix)

Wow, I almost forgot what the original version sounded like. Thankfully, it played on the radio. But that's kind of rare if you ask me, because I always here this version played. I've grown accustomed to it, and it's a good song. This is about not being satisfied even though you have what your heart desires... I'm beginning to understand the devil in the photo. He's trying to have imperfections in his life, but it's not working. What does he have to blame at a moment like this? Is it really his fault? The mystery is still unsolved... keeps me coming back to this.

Song 999: Ronan Keating - Time After Time

There are a lot of covers, but none compare to the original. So why do I have this version in particular? I actually don't have any other rendition of this song in my library (for shame, I know).

But there is a nice story to this: the album which includes this number are songs all dedicated to his mother. Isn't that sweet? No matter how long you are apart, know that one day you will meet them again. The ones that you love will never be lost, because they will always be with you. Powerful words.

Song 1000: Martin Solveig & Dragonette ft Idoling!!! - Big In Japan

One change of a radio station, and I find the most wonderful song I've heard in a long time. It's so much fun, I began singing within seconds of the first hear.

Whoever this DJ is, I hope he never goes away. I love this whole storyline, and how the Tennis Player is a celebrity overseas. This is what the good life must feel like: making others happy, doing what you love, and travelling to places where people recognize you. When you're a star, you might as well enjoy it. Be warned: when this goes on, I tend to scream really loud d":

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