Sunday, April 8, 2012

Too Much: Songs 781 to 790

Let's play and see how far things can get... just don't fall in love with me C";

Song #781: What part of no don't you understand...

Song 781: Spice Girls - Too Much

Ah, memories. The fondest has to be the movie, with this song to get things rolling.

It's very swanky, and it might be one of my favourite songs from them. One of their few slow jams, and it's well done - wish they had made more. The truth comes out: they don't love you, and your words are a bunch of hoopla that they don't believe. Somewhat sincere, but it's enough to bruise your heart. And the video: wow, I love it. Although it doesn't relate much to the song, I got to say they're all looking mighty fine.

Song 782: Ivana Santilli - Been Thru This

Everyone must love their Daft Punk, because this is the third song with sampling from them!

Heard this on the radio, and I just wanted to hear it again and again... So good. She's in this relationship where they just keep going round and round - don't know why she's still in it though. Her confusion is kind of beautiful, she's stuck in a situation where she doesn't know where to go. And when it's sung to a hip beat, I simply want to enjoy the show that she puts on. May Daft Punk samples live on! Love them.

Song 783: Stereos - Body Move

They are the winners of a MuchMusic band search show, and I didn't really enjoy their debut material.

Bring on the sophomore album, and I'm interested - just a little. This is the only track I have from them, but I might someday get the rest of the album. There might be a connection between the two, but nothing can happen until someone makes the first move. It's a dance track, and the rhythm gets me in a good mood. Plus, I enjoy the music video: I do love myself black & white... anything. Not bad, I want to hear more now.

Song 784: Ashley Tisdale - It's Alright, It's OK

It's like a teen version of P!nk's song... got to admit, there is a lot of resemblance to it.

It's the end of their relationship; boo. So what does one do? Tear up their ex's house apart, duh! That reminds me of another track now. But what makes this different is the dramatic key change, my favourite part. It goes from this silly little good riddance track to full on rant. She deserves it, because this good for nothing loser took her heart without any cushion to fall on. May the break-up anthem live on for teenage girls. Get mad!

Song 785: Timbaland ft Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger - Scream

Some strange fantasy is going on here, and I wish not to talk about that aspect. Can't help it that Timbo is a good producer, and his songs always turn out good.

Add two lovely ladies in a song, and you've got a lot to be hot and bothered about. I find the beginning of the song amusing, with the mentioning of cookies and pies - it sounds delicious. I know, they're not talking about any dessert here. Guess they're saying that let yourself be free and do whatever feels right. Don't know, you might find your niche while doing it.

Song 786: Emma Bunton - What Took You So Long

When I heard that Baby Spice was making her own music, you knew I got excited!

This was her first release and like a baby, I just accepted it. It has this mellow rock vibe, where it makes you think about important issues... like a relationship. After all this hard work, she's wondering why they won't say anything in return? She's tired of waiting, and it might be too late to respond - she'll be gone. Video's a bit weird, but I love every scene in the desert. If I was stranded with her... not going there.

Song 787: Jully Black - Until I Stay (Let's Go To War Remix)

Sometimes, the radio doesn't want to play slow songs. But if a song does get popular, what are they suppose to do? A remix sounds like a good idea (I think they should do that more often with some songs).

Usually, I don't like it when they only use the chorus in the remix. This one is an exception. There is this sorrow sound from the rhythm, and it really suits the message: lost in confusion with your own heart. Maybe Miss Black should explore this area of music, I think she'd make an excellent dance floor anthem.

Song 788: BoA - Eat You Up

She has been singing in English before, but this was the first release off a FULL English album. The result? Rather magical. However, it didn't click with North America; I wish it did though.

Is it wrong to call it crunk? Because I can't think of any other word - maybe a bit sexy. The darkness of the song relinquish this beast within her, becoming someone you don't associate with. Whatever you are doing, keep going, because she's fallen for you big time. Hope she comes back, there's potential!

Song 789: Danny - Play It For The Girls

I find this song very poppy! I like the intro, I call it the 'wonderment' sequence. Not really sure what he's talking about other than having fun with a bunch of girls - which isn't so hard, isn't it? It seems a bit organic with this, and it flows quite nicely without any flaw in the lyrics. Plus, he can sing real high; is that good or bad? Not sure...

The Swedish know how to make good music, I hope they share their talent with the rest of the world. I need more innocent pop hits like this in my life!

Song 790: LMNT - Hey Juliet

Eek, boy groups! No matter what they sing about, you know the girls will fall for it. That's the main reason to be in one, right?

The HitList played this, I remember Lizzie McGuire used this in an episode - I'm surprised no on covered this! What's the first thing that pops into your mind? For me, it's the Shakespeare story... that's what this is all about. She knows she can't have him, but he knows she talks about him with her friends. Stop resisting, and let's roll! He'll do anything; that's sweet!

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