Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take Me To The Disco: Songs 751 to 760

Everyone's got something to be desired for... question is, how far will you go for it?

Song #759: Everybody dancing 'till the end of the world...

Song 751: Nelly Furtado ft Missy Elliott - Do It (Remix)

A video game fantasy filled with a lot of adventure! It's such a strange sound from Miss Furtado, but I really enjoy this track. She really wants this person bad, and she can't resist the temptation anymore. Like she's on a journey and won't stop until the mission is complete. And there is Missy Elliott: she just makes the song complete.

The wild side of Nelly is very fun, but hopefully if she releases new material that there is a nice blend between the folk tunes and the sensuality.

Song 752: Britney Spears - From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart

You don't hear a lot of slow songs from Britney, but when she does make one, it's very pretty.

She knows that the love she shares with this someone cannot further, and it's disheartening. But if there is anything significant, it's that this person was her first love who opened her heart to love someone. It can be painful, but you just have to move on. And I love her voice in this song, it shows her range and it's full of powerful emotions. The pain goes away, but the feelings will always stay. It's bittersweet.

Song 753: Mary Costa & Bill Shirley - Once Upon A Dream

How strange: the intro of the song appeared on yesterday's list, and the ending is right here. It's a beautiful scene from the movie, where her fantasies are not what they seem. At first, she thinks she's playing with her friends until an estranged man comes to take place. Startled by this duet, she wants to resist... but she's swept away by her desires. What a classical sound, it's rather romantic. I do like the pop version, but either way, the message is still the same.

Song 754: Maroon 5 - Won't Go Home Without You

This is the message of not giving up on the ones you want so bad - you have to admire them for that.

The beat sounds familiar, and I'm reminded of this song for some reason. He only wants to heal this person's lonely heart, and be the one they can depend on for times like these. And he's willing to stay with you until you're feeling better, please give him a chance! It's not quite love, all he wants is to make you feel better. He is certainly a gentleman in this song, and it's quite dreamy here :"3

Song 755: Nikki Yanofsky - Over The Rainbow

So many covers of this classic, but only one is on my list: Nikki Yanofsky's rendition.

For such a young age, she has the most wonderful voice I've ever heard. She puts a jazz twist to it, and it's a nice surprise. There's a lot of soul in this song, wondering what is on the other side of the colourful band in the sky. Lucky for her, she doesn't need to dream that far, because she's been performing all around the world with her talent. I hope that one day I'll have the honour of performing with her.

Song 756: Britney Spears - Gimme More (Daft Punk Harder Better Faster Stronger Mix)

Take a pop song and a dance track, blend them together, you're left with this awesome mix!

They make a good team, I do hope that they join forces at one point. The dark sounds of Miss Spears becomes enlightened thanks to Daft Punk, making it one hectic sound that comes out surprisingly well! It's amazing what some people can do with two songs, this will get you on the dance floor and shake it until dawn! Long live the mashup, for sometimes they reign higher than the original! In this case, for sure!

Song 757: Mike Posner - Looks Like Sex

If his new material sounds like this, then I'm interested. From such glitzy sounds to mellow, sensual tracks - it really suits his voice. I hope he is more than a one hit wonder, because his stuff is enjoyable.

Come to think of it, he's giving you one big compliment. If you remind him of pleasure, that must be one good thing. I feel at ease with this song, maybe this is my ideal love-making track? OK, gone too far. But the video is amazing, the art direction is very appealing. It deserves an award... in a specific field d":

Song 758: Bowling For Soup - 1985

Ah, the good old days of Grade 7. To be honest, I'm not sure how I found this song. I mean, I'm pretty sure this wasn't on HitList, nor did I have MuchMusic that time. Maybe it was from this magazine? Or this one?

But it's one fun song, even though I didn't know many of the references back then. It's about this woman who had it all until one day, she grew up. So sad, but in the video, she gets her shining moment... woah, that's certainly a highlight. But sometimes you wish the good old times were back instead of today. Make time stop!

Song 759: Fantastic Plastic Machine - Take Me To The Disco

There use to be a lot of music programming shows on TV before, and now most of them are gone. This one show called Ethnosonic showed music from the globe. When this came up, I was hypnotized!

The video took my breath away, and I think everyone needs to see it. It shows the various types of dance and movement that gets you out of your seat and move to any style. And the song is ridiculously catchy with such few words said. Amazing production, I love this groovy track that can appeal to everyone.

Onto more amazing videos, we have Mya showcasing her talent in vocals and dance. Damn, she has moves!

In my time, you either loved it or hated it - I think you know which side I picked. Tonight is special, because she wants to show you all the things she's got to offer. Better be ready, because you might not be able to handle it. The song is like entering a sensual club with tasteful and playful activities for you to enjoy. And with the way she bends, I'm pretty sure you'll be there all night. Oh Mya, show us more of what you got!

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