Monday, April 23, 2012

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?: Songs 931 to 940

Let's go back, but not too far... Wow, suggestive and passionate? The best combo ^^

Song #931: He's acting shy looking for an answer...

Song 931: Glee - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Why oh why couldn't my choir be cool as this? I've become obsessed with this song, it scares me.

I actually heard the original version today - and it's totally different! You can feel the tension in this song, how a love is about to heat things up. Me like it a lot, especially when the Warblers are singing it. This might be one of my favourite covers of all time, its a fantastic rendition. Plus, if you think someone is attractive, it'd be a crime not to tell them. And at the end of the night, you might be getting some... if you know what I mean.

Song 932: Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again

Never regret anything, especially when it comes to loved ones. She reminds us to cherish them everyday no matter what. Miss Keys, this is one beautiful piece.

She asks all these questions, the 'what ifs' and 'how am Is.' To get it out of her mind, she wants to be loved like there is no tomorrow - so no holding back, just express it loud and proud! Love the melody, it leaves me breathless with the tragedy clashing with the peacefulness. This is the kind of love that I want. And what makes this better? This dance number. Bravo!

Song 933: Mika Nakashima - Life

I really enjoy this song, it suits her style. So I was surprise to find out that it was the theme for a show of the same title - it's one intense series, I'll tell you that.

The piano part is really lovely, it's a bit gloomy but you can tell all hope is not lost. I wish I understood Japanese... perhaps I'll learn it after Mandarin? Anyways, her voice is like an angel, very calming and powerful. Her style is different when you think of J-Pop, but I think that's what I like about her. She's being herself, and it's something to be admired for.

Song 934: Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne - Down

Well, he just came out of nowhere. One minute you hear this on the radio, the next it's on the TV. It's amazing how music can travel so fast sometimes.

I kind of consider this the 'victory' song, it's very triumphant and, dare I say it, eloquent. All I think of when I hear this song is a ball dance... it seems right in my opinion. This is a nice message, saying there is only one he will love, and no one will take that away but you. Add in Lil Wayne, and it's like being told the most epic romance novel - fo sho.

Song 935: Wally Boag, Fulton Burley, Thurl Ravenscroft & The Mellomen - The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

I don't think I've ever seen this attraction from Disneyland before... then again, I was five when I went there. But nonetheless, these parrots sure know how to make a visit pleasurable. They say the name countless times, add a tropical sound to it, and poof! It becomes rather enchanting.

Hopefully they don't close down this ride, I want to see after a listen!

Song 936: Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up (Robots To Mars Remix)

Sad! I don't have the original version in my library - and it's the sole reason I love this song. I mean, she's sampling my favourite song from the best movie ever!

There is a new twist when it comes to the mix, it's kind of... fashionable. It's part 80s, part futuristic, and it totally gets you in the mood for dancing! Plus, she knows how to sing-talk like a pro (I've only realized she's doing that now) But when you mix two fantastic things in one, there is no need to complain. They could have added a yodel, and I'd be all set - like this d":

Song 937: Selena Gomez & The Scene - Whiplash

See, Britney's talent shining down on a song that The Scene sang - unexpected, but cool.

It's weird, I'll give you that, but it's so out of the comfort zone that I'm intrigued. She's talking all crazy things, picks up an accent, and suddenly puts herself in danger... Me thinks it's love she's talking about. After all, who could blame her? There's a little eeriness to the beat, but it's kind of exciting. With all the twists and turns coming out of it, you never know what to expect from Miss Gomez next. Hope it becomes a single!

Song 938: David Guetta ft Usher - Without You

At first, I didn't like this song. A few months, Glee did a cover - don't unlike it so much. Then a flash mob at the mall danced to it... Wanted to be part of that. Loves it!

He feels powerless knowing that you are not around. It's not a sign of weakness, but a strong emotion that he's committed to. The oddest part has to be that this made by David Guetta - didn't see this coming at all. Throw in an R&B sensation, and you've got something that's rather magical. It only took the third listen for me to get into the song - I should try that with other hits.

Song 939: Rachel Stevens - More, More, More

I love me some Rachel Stevens, and can't wait to see her when she's forming with the rest of S Club 7!

Let's talk about the song: it's a cover, and my friend and I were talking about it today. He says it's about... a touchy subject, that's all I'm saying. I refuse to believe it, but he might be right T_T I still love this song, her version is uptempo and I love some 70s sounds brought back to life. Maybe we need a musical revolution and bring back the sounds of the past. After all, there was a lot of lovin' then ^^ Aw yeah.

It's an adorkable song, an anthem for the boy who tries so hard to get their interest to like them back.

He would do anything at any length just for a date - how could you say 'no' to that?! Or maybe he wants you to say it, because he's too shy... either way, it's kind of cute. And the rhythm of this song fits the theme of the video: cheesy dating show! They are an interesting band, consisting of rock, rapping, and light-hearted entertainment. Hope they keep coming around, the world needs to laugh more often.

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