Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holidays: Songs 401 to 410

Quite a toe tapper this list, with a few slow songs to get you all in a strange, crazy mood!

Song #405: But just consider what we could do, you'd be surprised at what you'll find...

Song 401: *Nsync - This I Promise You

This song just reappeared out of nowhere, recently in this video. I do enjoy the video for this, it's so natural considering what they're wearing... Ah, the 2000s.

But this is such a romantic song, and it's written by the most romantic man out there. You can't say it's cheesy when the sound so peaceful and calm, the guitars are beautiful. They made an oath where they will be there for you, no matter what happens in your life. There is substance with this song, and I can't help but sing along - even if I can't hit that high.

Song 402: Kat Deluna - Dance Bailalo

The beat has such a tribal vibe, and it's totally awesome! Of course, it's sampled from another song, but that's OK, it's Kat!

I want to do elaborate dance moves on the floor... or do flame throwing. There's this energy that can't be controlled, and all you want to do is be a freak and let everything all out. And the lyrics are pretty fun, I especially like the line I'm like a lion breathing fire-fire-fire-fire... it's motivational. And honestly, who doesn't want to feel the energy?

Song 403: Kardinal Offishall ft Akon - Body Bounce

I couldn't escape the radio, they played it enough so it was enjoyable.

Kardinal has a lot of sounds, this being more mainstream than his other work. I really like the beat, it's makes me want to bop around (I'll leave your imagination to that). I don't know what rockets he's about to launch, but I got to admit that it's pretty catchy for a song that's objectifying such a sexy lady. And no lovin' song is perfect without Akon - these two are a good team. They should collaborate more often.

My friend absolutely loves this film, and the songs are all the proof to understand why.

Ursula is such a scary villain, and the most frightening from her look, her eels, and especially her song. She makes deals with these mer-people, and if they can't pay the price, they become an addition to her garden. But sometimes we become blind when we desire for the things that seem unreachable. Take the plunge, and you'll be out for an adventure. Good thing Ariel did, otherwise we wouldn't have this masterpiece.

Song 405: Miami Horror - Holidays

I love countdowns, especially year-end. I was browsing around the internet one day, and I saw that people made videos of their favourite songs. This one appeared and it became an addition to my library.

It's so addictive and incredibly awesome! He is so in love with this person, and they can't see anything but sheer happiness. The beat is so cool, I'll never get tired of it. You can do anything with this song: dance, lounge... whatever your heart feels like. Words are not enough of how much I love this song.

Song 406: Disney Chorus - Pink Elephants On Parade

I thought this song was part of this movie, but it's actually part of this one. I need to watch my Disney films again...

I don't actually remember where this scene is from, but it's quite a production this song. There's drama, adventure, and certainly strange but wonderful images. It's kind of scary, but then again I'll have to watch the film to see why this is significant to the film. Time to restore childhood days :"D

Title track of her latest album, and it couldn't be better! When night arises, all I want to do is party and have a good time. The dachas been long, and I just need to get the stress off my mind. Nothing that loud music and dancing can't help with...

It's pop, so indeed it's fun. The lyrics are meant for these years, and how difficult it is to be a teenager... oh so difficult. But you got to give it to them, they're experiencing a new era with us. So for tonight, let's give ourselves a night to remember. Feel good time.

Song 408: The Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love

OK, this song is meant for me. All I want to do with my crush is fall in love, but if it's meant to be, let it happen naturally.

The Supreme had wise mothers, they gave the best advice in a song. It may hurt right now, but if you wait, it'll all be worth it. I like how the song has a unique flow, it doesn't follow a regular song pattern, and it never gets old. Oh old songs, where have you gone? Need more songs about waiting for the one. I'll keep waiting till that day...

Song 409: Keisha Chanté - Set U Free

Poor Keisha, she releases her songs at the wrong time. Here is a beautiful song that played on the radio some time during winter, and then releases a video 6 months later. The company needs to think straight.

It's a summer song, where you lay on the beach and take it easy. Yes, it's about love and releasing whatever is hold you back, but when it does, it should sound like this. Everything feels good again and you have an appreciation for life. Don't worry, be happy!

I'm not familiar with this song, even though I own the album? I don't know why I didn't really click with this song...

A girl awaits for someone to take her far away to make her feel something that's she's missing. It's so strange this track, but it works for them. I keep coming back to this song for the sound, it's not expected from them, which is surprising. Bring on the mystery.

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