Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Doesn't Really Matter: Songs 451 to 460

Have an opened heart, you'll be surprised what it accepts: pleasure and curiosity ^^

*Love this performance so much, it takes place of the video*

Song #452: I'm accepting of you and the things you do, just as long as it's you...

Song 451: Aaron Lohr/Bill Farmer - On The Open Road

Who remembers this movie?! Oh my, this had to be one of the best home video films Disney has ever made.

I love Goofy, and apparently a lot of other people do too. He had his own show, there's a sequel to this, and only he has the best phrases (which are sounds). This has to be my favourite sequence in the film, just love the randomness and how a song came from keys clinging. Now if the highway was more like this, we'd all be happy for sure :"D

Song 452: Janet Jackson - Doesn't Really Matter

I can't believe this song was for this film. Then again, she does hint at the movie in a clever way.

This is my favourite Janet Jackson song, ever since I saw the video and this performance. It's amazing, and so cool - I could watch it all day. I did think she said that she's in love with the enemy for the longest time; I now know it's the inner being. When I find the one, I want to be accepted just for who I am. That's what makes the song so perfect for the nutty couple. Not even a flaw in this piece.

There music is so relaxing, even though it's a production.

My brother is a big fan of their work, and I got around to listening to them. I think this is the meaning of 'lounge,' and what paradise sounds like. It seems like it was effortless, and the singer's voice is so soft and drifts me away to a quiet happy place.

What surprises me is that they're American. What surprise, the radio should play this.

Song 454: Jon Secada & Shanice - If I Never Knew You

Why must Disney make the most beautiful love songs on earth? They all have a different element, making each princess unique.

With this one, a forbidden love has to be broken even though that is not what they had hope. All they can do is be thankful for meeting one another in unexpected circumstances. The version I heard was condensed, but I should consider downloading the full length track. Though it may not have been in the film, they extended the scene with the characters. So sad, but lovely.

Let the love keep rolling! Here is a track from a sister duo, and I was once addicted to it. I probably was crushing on someone else for the longest time when this came out, and the song fit the situation perfectly.

There will be that one moment where you look into someone and all of a sudden things you've never felt come before you. But for some reason, I still feel sad with this song. It must be serious this love that they feel, it really hits you. Oh girls, they're much more expressive with their emotions... I love them so much.

Song 456: Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me

Actually, this is the only Celine Dion song you will se on this list. Not that I don't like her, but too many song and I might start balling my eyes out.

If you ever get to see her in concert, I'll tell you that it's AMAZING. She sounds so good, and looks fabulous! I don't remember her performing this, but every moment with her is satisfaction. This is a song that you can dance to for every happy moment in life: having family, finding love, anything. Wonderful message, you cannot deny the power a good song can do to a person.

Song 457: Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

The latest Kelly Clarkson single, and it's a hit! What makes this stand out compared to her other songs is the video. She let her fans take part of it and when that happens, it becomes genius. I want to learn the dance!

All grown up and independent, I think the theme of this album is all about being your own person. So you don't have someone - that's not tearing them apart. But she'll prove that she hits harder than you do... I'll keep cheering her on. Maybe I'll make my own saying: "what doesn't kill you makes you..." sweeter d":

Song 458: Pitbull ft Marc Anthony - Rain Over Me

What is it about this song? Well, when they played it on the daily countdown, my nanny would start singing the only word she knows: ay ay ay, ay ay ay... She hates this song cause of Marc Anthony.

Of course this will be part of the list! It's funny and it makes me want to go into the desert and scream. So he wears a suit in the blazing heat, he's got to look his best all the time. Mr. Worldwide knows how to make people get on the floor and start dancing around. 

Song 459: Britney Spears - 3

My favourite artist with my favourite number, all wrapped up with innocent fun time. Weird as it may be, but my cousin knows the lyrics better than I do!

3 isn't a crowd, but rather a party when it comes to Britney. I didn't know who Peter Paul and Mary were until my aunt told me - I thought it was being sacrilegious... and it probably is. But it's still a fun song, it leaves you to your imagination what an extra wheel will lead to. Who knows, but I'm interested... Did I mention that I like this number?

The British have good music, period. But when you add someone from the other side of the pond to your song, it becomes rather mesmerizing.

Estelle knew what was going on with the sick beat and the sweet story. She finds her man and is intrigued where he will take her - maybe a fantasy land or a place laid back. Either way, she'll have an affair with a love at first sight. And Kanye pokes fun at himself, who wouldn't be falling for that? They make a rather cute couple, makes me wonder why they never dated... Oh well, off to find another American perhaps?

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