Saturday, March 10, 2012

oneSONG: Songs 491 to 500

Whether it puts a smile or makes you dance, know that music brings everyone together.

Song #500: But just imagine how the earth would shake if we all could sing one song...

Song 491: David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

I like Kelly Rowland, but her work deserves more attention.

When she turned into a different direction in music, I think she found her niche. Dance tracks with her open a new range, and her voice is well suited for the genre. Add a French DJ, and it becomes an anthem for the floor. I never get tired of this song, there's always an element that I seem to miss every time I hear it. The piano part adds the flare, and makes it complete. This is a collaboration at its best for sure.

Song 492: Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You

It's hard to pick a favourite Keys song, but this one is up there.

Her playing the piano is irresistible, I even learned the beginning from a friend. But the beauty isn't from that, it's the fact that she doesn't feel whole without her lover. Everything doesn't sound great if your loved one is not around. And when you think the song is over, she leaves us wanting more from her. Pour your heart on the floor and spread it, cause there is nothing like feeling the love all around. Ooh Alicia, you get to me.

Song 493: Fergie - Clumsy

The beat is comical, and I like the act that she portrays in this - it's adorable.

I really enjoy this, because it's light-hearted and it displays all the silly things we do when we have fallen head over heals for that special someone. And the video is so wonderful - I love the idea of a pop-up book and all the series of events that leads her back to her love. And when you fall out of love, there is nothing to worry - it will all come back & you will act like this for sure d":

Song 494: Aqua - Doctor Jones

Who doesn't love Aqua? They had the best videos around, it's unbeatable.

This is my favourite song because of the video: the jungle, the epic journey, and the conclusion to possibly the greatest story ever told. She remembers of a summer love, and hopes that it will continue after the season. It tells what lengths we go to not let that one get away. Plus, he's a doctor - why would you give him up? I think tales like these need to be told again.

Song 495: James Baskett - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Does anyone know of the movie this excellent song came from? I'm a bit curious to find out the story.

Isn't it strange that a song can be noticed without knowing where it originated? I remember singing to this on those singalong tapes, and I loved that there were animated creatures in them - reminds me of another movie. But nonetheless, you would be on a cloud if you sang this song, it brings a big grin on my face. Boy, needs to bring the magic back!

Song 496: Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On

Another soundtrack song - I don't know how this relates to the film, but let's go with it.

Avril can make some pretty songs - so why doesn't she do it more often? When all defences are lost, know that someone will be by your side to take on the fight with you. For some reason, I imagine an epic ballet sequence coming along. It's graceful, but also full of wisdom. And she doesn't seem to be trying so hard, which is nice; it comes naturally. Hope that in good time, she'll follow this single and release more.

This is the happiest I've heard from Britney in ANY song. Another ballet track in my opinion, but this is like from a music box.

Someone has made an impact in her life, and it's for the good. She sees that this someone has a significance, and she doesn't want to let them go. It all came naturally, falling in love. I hope this is what happens to me between my crush and I... dreams can come true, just let it take its course. Add butterflies and fairies to the scene, and it's perfect d":

Song 498: The Band Perry - If I Die Young

This slowly gained attention on the radio, and I can see why.

When we think of the afterlife, we should be more optimistic and surround ourselves with images of peace and serenity. This is how I feel towards this song, it has heart and it means a lot to them that you won't be sad when they pass. Instead, say that you love them and send them off to another world. They have this on Tap Tap Revenge, and I must say they make it fun. Country stars have wise words.

Song 499: Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover

This is a song that all my cousins would sing along to, it was so enjoyable!

Originally, I thought it was for a movie cause I thought she said "Fran says I'm crazy" - it's 'friends.' She's picturing the moment where she'll find the one, long as she falls in love. But can it happen sooner? I think that's all what we want, to fall in love soon as possible! Maybe not, but she makes it a splendid idea. And the guitar is so fresh! Or is it? So well done, you'd never know that it was sampled. Oh Janet, can do no wrong.

Song 500: Jacksoul - oneSONG

I was so sad when I heard the news that he had passed away - he was talented for sure!

There's something to his voice, the fact that he can hit the high notes and bring the house down all in a song. This is all about how the power of music can bring everyone together. For that, I love him. He knew what to say and when to say it. I feel united after listening to it, even if it's by myself. May he rest in peace, and be remembered for his most wonderful music.

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