Friday, March 30, 2012

Upside Down: Songs 691 to 700

Through all of the tough & dirty issues in life, remember to leave in some fun!

Song #692: And as my mind begins to spread its wings, there's no stopping curiosity...
Song #696: One day will be the day when all my dreams come true...

Song 691: Sound Bluntz - Stepping Stone

I really enjoy this song, but for some reason, I think it's a cover of some sort... I don't think it's this one, but I could be wrong.

He's tired of being the support in this relationship so that there lover can get all of this attention from other people. Make it into a dance track, add some twang to it, and it's pretty rocking. It's amazing how the radio can play some good songs - now what has happened? I hope that they do make more singles, because their mixes are pretty sweet and I want to dance non-stop!

One of the cutest and most adventurous animated film ever! I loved every second of it, it was well made.

And what makes it better? Jack Johnson! He was the perfect man for the soundtrack, because his sound is laid back and everyone can hum to his tunes. This particular track (opening of the movie) basically describes who George is all about. He wants fun and games and doesn't want it to end anytime soon. Please don't leave him, or more curiosity will come to him... or is that a good idea? Eek, so adorable!

Song 693: Destiny's Child - Emotions

I do know this for sure is a cover, and the original sounds nothing like this! Both have different styles - let's call this one in-depth.

The beginning gets to me with a snap! followed by a guitar of peace and serenity. A broken heart is never what you want to see, and sometimes it gets the best of you. It's one theme we all can relate to, whether it's through the good and the bad times. I think this song is very pretty, and shows how strong feelings can be.

Song 694: Flo Rida ft Ke$ha - Touch Me

It's like a circus tract, where the people are the main attraction at this show. I'm in for the beginning, and whenever that voice appears in the song.

Not really sure how I found this song, nor understand why it's part of the list, but let's talk about it! It's all about having some sexy time and how anything is possible if you let them explore. Yeah, there's a lot of dirty things said here and it's interesting how he knows so much... I'm surprised by how much I understand it. Add Ke$ha, and it's so appropriate.

Song 695: Aqua - Like A Robot

This is the first time I heard them swear in a song - don't know if I should pretend that's normal or not.

To be fair, the song is well-produced! I love the background beat, and that voice brings me back to my childhood days... they're just more grown-up with the themes. She's feeling a bit down because everyone wants her, but all she wants is her lover that treats her rather bland. My cousin says it's terrible, but it's growing on me. Plus, it would be amusing to do a dance to this (you know you want to now!)

Song 696: A*Teens - Upside Down

Yay, back to pop! It's a good thing they finished their tribute era and began making pop hits - brilliant!

Although this share the same title with a previous song on the list, this is all about falling head over heals for someone. They've gone mad, they can't' concentrate in school, and dreams are a big happy fantasy. The video is so cool too, I saw the making of it and I can't get over how the room revolves. It makes me so happy listening to this :"3

What a classic film, my friend bought me the movie for my birthday - one of the best presents ever.

So this segment, I still don't understand. I think Pooh bear has a nightmare from these 'fictional' monsters that are rather cute in their own respect. Why does the song have this marching-horror vibe to it? Even the bad dreams are adorable! Poor Pooh, I'd hug him through the night to get rid of those creatures.

Song 698: Kanye West - Stronger (Andrew Dawson Remix)

Everyone was obsessed with this song, it was a great way to release a new album and introduce the most questionable accessory... my brother bought a pair, and I use them in this video.

I think the original is a bit slow, and this mix gives it the adrenaline rush that it needs. What he says is true, that what knocks you down can only do that, and if you get up and shrug it off, you'll be even better. Sample some Daft Punk in there, and the song is off the hook! See, sampling does work in most cases.

Song 699: Timbaland ft Tyssem - The Way I Are (French Remix)

I know, this song has appeared on this list before, but this time, Keri Hilson has been replaced. Instead, we have Tyseem, a French artist.

This is a pretty cool concept, to have another girl sing the chorus en Fran├žais. I think this was trend during that year, and the end result can be good or bad. This one, I can't quite say other than it makes the song more appealing. Is that because French is one sexy language? Perhaps, I mean this is the only other version I've heard of this song. Timbo knows best.

This wasn't my favourite song of his, mainly because this was the slowest track he made back then. I thought he was selling out or something along the lines of that. Then he opened for Selena Gomez, and when he performed, I was amazed that he still sounds the same after all this time!

Someone is not being truthful to him, and he has no choice but to leave this life they've made. It's weird because the rhythm is relaxing while the message is hopeful yet sad. It's his time to leave... just not music!

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I really wish i didn't remember most of the words to song #696. Didn't realize hitlist had such an impact on me back in the day :P