Thursday, March 22, 2012

Powerless (Say What You Want): Songs 611 to 620

What a strange mix of songs in this list - some points are serious, while others make you want to dance. Either way, don't be afraid to express your thoughts!

Song #620: Hey you, the one that don't fit in, how ya, how ya gonna get in...

Song 611: Ne-Yo - Closer

Ooh, the guitar strumming has got me already! No matter what he does, Ne-Yo can make anything sound good. This song has to be one of his darker-tones, but it's all about the affection that won't escape him.

There is something about this person, but he is not completely sure - he needs to know more. A great mystery behind this person, and he is not scared. The video is vivid with such neutral colours, and I love the simplicity of the words of his songs popping up. I think he started a trend. Keep making this, I like it!

Song 612: La Roux - Bulletproof

I was intrigued when I first heard of her: she had short hair, wore make-up, and it was very bright. And the song - wow, it's amazing! She's tired of this abuse and is leaving this loser behind. Now wiser, her defences are up.

This is one addicting beat, and you can't help that you just want to sing this song. It's like an anthem for getting back on your feet as you keep getting stronger from past relationships. I did my own rendition, and I got to say it was fun. You feel relieved afterwards.

Song 613: Jet - Look What You've Done

This kind of feels like a Beatles song, and it works with them. I'm surprised that they can make something like this, it's nothing like their previous work.

My friends went on a retreat, and when they came back, they showed me this song. It's nice, but I don't really see how this works with a retreat. I think it's shown in the aspect that there are sides of you that need to be exposed so that they can be healed... maybe I'd understand if I attended that retreat. Otherwise, it's nice to hear. Certainly pleasing.

Song 614: Late Night Alumni - Heaven

I'm amazed at what DJs can do, because only they can make anything catchy. Whether it's repetitive sounds on repeat or barely a word sung, it's so pleasing to the ears!

When you hear it, you're in a paradise, lounging on the beach, enjoying the time there. I think there are like two lines sung in here, and it's relaxing to hear the woman's voice... and the foreign language (Italian?) is a nice touch to it. Whoever is the DJ up there, I hope they are playing this song - I'm pretty sure the elderly would enjoy this :"D

How much do I love this movie? I dressed up like him one Halloween. Although I'm working to achieve a body like his, I'll enjoy the songs that came from here.

Here, we have one motivating song that makes me want to work out. After so many years, Philoctetes will help this young man to be the best he can be. If I had a trainer like that, I'd be working so hard. For now, it's the books I'll be working on.

Song 616: Lady Gaga - Teeth

If there is anything sexy about a person, it must be their smile. Don't know what it is, but we're obsessed with our teeth! That, or I'm dreaming to be a dentist.

My cousin did a dance routine to this, and it was sexy. My brother did a  little dance when this came on... wish I could erase that memory. There is some raunchiness to the track, and I can't believe this all came from wanting to see what's behind them lips. When I first heard it, there a video accompanying it... I'm not sharing it, not safe for anyone.

Once in a while, I will enjoy their songs. Not that I don't enjoy them, they just appear too often on the radio. But with this song, I feel like I'm lifted from the ground and am able to shine through the darkness.

Everyone has a journey that they must make in life, and that is finding peace within their selves. Not every pathway is the same for anyone, but the main point is to reach the goal after avoiding the dangers that you may face through. It's nice to hear that, and their melody is so beautiful. What a nice rock ballad.

Song 618: The Disney Chorus - Minnie's Yoo Hoo!

Whatever happened to seeing Mickey Mouse on the Disney Channel? Babies aren't the only ones who want to watch him! My cousins own the Disney albums, and I always saw this song because it's the last one on the CD.

So when I heard it this time, I have to say it's cute. The way it's sung tells you the era it's from, and I think that has to come back. Though I could do without the introduction, I do admit that it would be fun just to dance to it in a folky kind of way. Let's bring this back!

Song 619: Gwen Stefani - The Real Thing (Camera Remix)

One of my favourite songs from her album - it's perfection! I really enjoy the intro, and I think this version is better than the original. It may not be the slow version, but you get the best of both worlds.

I find this track to be really sweet: she loves this person, and doesn't want to spend a minute without them. This is the situation where she is able to say that she loves this person after being with them for some time; she knows that what she feels is pure, and nothing can ruin that. Plus, I like it how she describes this person as her 'love supply.' Awww.

Don't let anybody knock you down - just get back up and express what you feel. This is such a fierce song from Furtado, and I love that it stands for being youthful and taking a stand to those who get in the way.

I really enjoy the beat of this song, especially when the bridge comes in - it's like taking a deep breath and inhaling a whole new experience. Whenever she decides to release new material, I hope it sounds like this; I believe this is her best sound yet.

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