Sunday, March 18, 2012

Take Me There: Song 571 to 580

It's like travelling the world with music. Let's explore the different sounds :"D

Song #576: Let's make a wish, close your eyes and count to five...

Song 571: BoA - Listen To My Heart

This is such a cool-sounding song, it's rather relaxing.

BoA had it going on in the beginning, her look was clean and the sound was different compared to North American music. It's not exactly lounge, but it's so soothing that it almost can be. And for some reason, I think the video works with it. I mean, who wouldn't want to get their hair cut to this kind of music? I would, though the stylist may not understand English d":

Song 572: Jay Chou - Cute Girl (Mandarin Version)

From one Asian pop star to the next, we have Jay Chou!

He is one of the most famous pop stars in China, and he can even act! I've only seen this film, and I was surprised. As for his singing, he has a nice voice. It's a slow ballad and it sounds lovely and a bit sad. Though I don't understand what he is saying, I'm pretty sure that it's a love song and he's confessing his emotions to this girl. If you can't say it, sing it to some nice background music. That would work with me if anyone would do that fore me.

Song 573: Scooter - Shake That!

Absolute fun! I first heard it from this video, and I knew this had to be part of the list!

Who knew that sampling a classic song and turning it into a hyper-disco track would be a whole new sound? That is the mastermind of Scooter, a band that I don't know of. It's like a command dance that keeps you on the floor until you pass out. The production is amazing, and their lyrics are brilliant, especially life without knowledge is death in disguise (love that!) Don't know how it relates to the song, but who cares! MOVE!

Song 574: Britney Spears - Lace & Leather

The most entertaining scene from her tour for sure!

It's raunchy but also classy: the formula of Britney Spears. I think it really fits with her Circus album, letting the freak come out and enjoying every kind of pleasure known to man. The guitars are sexy, the singing is airy, and what she talks about can get anyone in the mood. This is the kind of song you have to put a show to get the message, because singing is only half of the work. A lot of images come to mind... I'm not sharing them with you d":

Song 575: Brandy - Piano Man

I really like this song, it's very powerful.

There was a music video for this, I'm sure! I remember a pool, an orange piano, and beautiful Brandy singing her song. She has this story, and she wants to let the pain go away if the man can play her song. I think the lyrics are similar to this song, but no way are they similar. She needs therapy, and music can only heal it. It's amazing what music can do, how it brings us together and the fact that it makes us feeling something.

This is the BEST soundtrack song of all time!

From such a stellar film comes the theme which samples the show's theme. Take a bunch of artists & rappers, and what do you get? A masterpiece! It's amazing how the unlikely pair would create such a magical tune!Though it doesn't really relate to the film, I can't help but pop out of my seat and dance out of happiness. This is the essence of the 90s, and it brings the best memories of my childhood. There is no other soundtrack song that can beat this, I tell you.

Song 577: Ashanti - Only U

The guitars are so unexpected, and it's quite attractive.

It's like Ashanti stepped out of her comfort zone, and I'm liking it a lot. The sound is fresh, and it matches the attitude of the song. She doesn't want anyone else, and she knows that for a fact. This is how she feels, and it's got her acting like a fool in a different way. She wants to expand her love and nothing is stopping her. I put this song on a mix CD that I sent to my past crush... yeah, that was stupid of me.

Song 578: The Cheetah Girls - Uh Oh

One part laid-back, the rest is all serious.

I really like the beat of this song, it's simple and content - nothing that you'd expect when it's made by Disney. It's about a past relationship, and all of a sudden they feel like they made a mistake. What does one do in that situation? Make a song about it - and it works! That seems to be a common theme when it comes to Disney Channel artists, but this one has to be my favourite rendition. It's raw and natural, it's hiding from nothing and everything is out on the floor.

Song 579: Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song

My cousin sometimes...

This took the world by storm. What I don't understand is why they want to be referred to a condiment? I'm not much a fan of ketchup, but this is one... interesting song let's say. There is a dance to this song, but I wonder if it's even considered a dance? It's a lot of hand movements, just try not to laugh while doing them. They might be a one-hit wonder, but this will forever be embarked in my brain.

Their first song, and it's so good!

I don't know how the HitList found their music, but they knew how to get to me all the time. They have moved on, but they can't stop thinking about a past love - it feels better with them. The beat is so nice and has an old-school vibe, I can't find a word to describe it. I was mad when a cover came out... but I did like their video a little bit more. No one can out-do British music, they know what the world likes.

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